Wiltshire Wild Walks


Photography Workshops

digital-photographyWhether joining in with one of our pre-scheduled photography workshop events or arranging a private session for individuals or small groups, any new or improving photographer will gain valuable knowledge and experience.

Those just finding their way in digital photography or broadening their abilities will not only learn more about this wonderful art but practice it in some of the UK’s most wonderful countryside with a range of interesting and beautiful subjects.

Whether your photographic interest is in landscape, wildlife, action or macro we will visit locations that will give you every opportunity to practice your techniques and produce images to be proud of.

Covering everything from basic camera settings, technical skills and composition to workflow, image processing, printing and presentation we will help you to not just take better photos but enhance them to produce works of art to be admired and displayed.

You will even be invited to post your results on our private Flickr site, ‘Friends of Wiltshire Wild Walks’, either for critique or just to show other group members what amazing sights you have seen.