Wiltshire Wild Walks


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Half Day Tour

Our half day tours (approx. 4 hours) enable us to visit a diverse range of wildlife habitats in and around Wiltshire including the largest area of unimproved chalk grassland in North West Europe, the largest privately owned ancient woodland in Britain, many nature reserves, a complex network of rivers and canals along with a variety of other woodlands, wetlands, grasslands and meadows.

These not only provide some beautiful and often historically significant places to enjoy stimulating walks and views of some of England’s most outstanding countryside but homes for a wonderful array of fauna and flora, including 46 of the UK’s 58 butterfly species, many of the UK’s scarcest birds and an unrivalled selection of orchids and other wild flowers which attract a proliferation of insect life, which not only provide a vital role in the food chain but give superb photographic opportunities for the macro enthusiast.

Cost of half day tours from £60

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Full Day Tour

Our full day tours (approx. 8 hours including a lunch break ) not only allow the opportunity to explore our local area in greater detail at a more leisurely pace, particularly for those whose passion is not just seeing these wonderful subjects but taking the time to photograph them, but open up a whole new range of habitats to explore.

This extra time brings into range areas of extensive wetlands, prime forest, heath-land and coastal areas which are of significant importance to summer visiting, passage migrant and overwintering bird species and more countryside in which it is a pleasure to spend time. Whether we travel further North, East, South or West there will new some new habitats with a greater range of species to discover and admire.

With such a broad range of habitat daily species ‘lists’ can be impressive and can include specialities of the area.

Cost of full day tours from £95

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